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The Record: Pompton Delay

by Admin - May 13th, 2014.
Filed under: News.

SOMETIMES IT seems that whenever there is an environmental remediation under negotiation for an old factory site or polluted body of water, the very last people who are considered in the equation are the people who actually live near the site. Sadly, that is the case once again, this time regarding the cleanup of contaminated sediment in Pompton Lake.

When it comes to polluted Pompton Lake and the cleanup that has been — and apparently will continue to be — a long time coming, the signature mantra seems to be “delay, delay, delay.”

Indeed, as Staff Writer James M. O’Neill reported last week, a long-awaited cleanup by DuPont that had been planned for the lake has been delayed once more. The federal Environmental Protection Agency has decided to withdraw a cleanup plan that would have required DuPont to remove sediment both in the lake and at hot spots along the Ramapo River.



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