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Enough is enough in Pompton Lakes Plume

by Admin - May 13th, 2014.
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Dear Editor:

Following is a message to all who live in the community of Pompton Lakes. My message is critical. It affects the lives of over 500 families who continue to live in DuPont’s contamination. DuPont dumped its poisons into our soil and water waterways for almost a century from 1902-94 during operation of its former munitions site.

After reading a recent article in The Record on April 19, 2014 entitled “DuPont to explore cleanup options,” written by Environmental Reporter James O’Neill, I was compelled to write this letter.

I am very disturbed about what is happening to the people who live in The Plume. DuPont is the fox in the henhouse and has been for far too long. They are allowed to play games with our lives! By DuPont petitioning the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) to raise the vapor intrusion contamination levels of TCE (trichloroethene) and PCE (tetrachloroethylene) and then in turn, by the EPA even agreeing possibly to consider such a change to our Vapor Interim Remedial Measure Plan, which was agreed upon back in June 2008, the damage that will come to our families would be permanent!


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